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Internet Marketing Kudos

Success can be measured in many ways.
When I'm speaking at a conference my success is not based on how much I was paid to speak but rather by responses left by the audience members on their "Evaluation & Comments" sheets.

So it is with our clients and a sampling of their comments and evaluations are below.

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Internet Marketing Kudos

We are thankful for all of the "thank yous" and "testimonials" we have received from our clients and we are happy to share them with you here.

“I have worked with four internet marketing experts over the last two years, and my experience with Ed Taylor is not even comparable to the rest. Ed is extraordinarily bright and gifted when it comes to internet marketing, and is an ethical professional who I know I can trust (which I’ve found to be extremely rare in this field). He has given us some excellent suggestions for our website, and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a very knowledgeable internet marketing expert .”

Mike Boden
Global Internet Development
Elite Worldwide, Inc.

"Ed thank you for speaking at our business conference this year. You did a terrific job of presenting information that was relevant, non-technical and usable to our dealers. Everyone enjoyed your presentation."

Thanks again,
John Kaufman
US AutoForce
Marketing Manager

"Since working with Ed what he has done is focus my marketing and help me reach a market I didn’t even think I’d be able to reach."
Edmond Otis
“Internet Marketing Group was consulted in the development of a quality website for our organization which consistently helps us stand out in the market place and be selected as the provider of choice.”
Julie Conrique, MS
Pine Creek Foundation
“Thank you for the results. Everything you said is now coming true. We are ranking MUCH higher on all of our search words on all of the search engines. This is a MAJOR accomplishment for us. Even more important though is that fact that the changes that you made to our site is creating more sales. This is a HUGE accomplishment.”
Randi Hodges
Owner - Stonewise, Inc.
“People who visit my website love it! From this website they feel they know me and call for appointments. As a result of this website I have built more than a full time practice in less than 2 years.”
Taffy Clarke Pelton, MA, LMFT, LPC
Licensed Marriage Family Therapist
Licensed Professional Counselor
Certified Mindful Coach
“Our traffic has increased 250% and the quality of the traffic keeps improving every month.”
Robert R. Roscoe
That's Great News, LLC
"Your web design and marketing services put our small business on the International Map! We continue to receive opportunities for our services from Poland, Germany, Brazil and of course many states throughout the United States. Our business has increased by over 45% through these direct web marketing efforts. Web Marketing is an art and you guys paint well!"
Bob Dawson, CITE
Managing Director
The Business Group, Inc.
”Thanks to your marketing efforts we are now getting approximately 50% more inquires per month from our website.”
Dianne Vanover
Marketing Coordinator
Thoro Packaging
"Our franchise sales alone have already generated $53,700 in unexpected income… and we have more in the process.”
Cathy Vallevieni
VR Business Brokers
"Thank you very much for the Internet Marketing Analysis you provided. It was very informative, detailed, and educational.”
David Foster
Director of Sales Operations
Dr. Martens AirWair USA LLC
“Your insights have helped us make the most of this opportunity to get our message to the world- and do it on a nominal budget. Thank you very much for your advice and support."
Peter Meisen
Global Energy Network International
“The information that I received from you saved me hundreds of dollars and a great deal of mistakes. I look forward to reading more of your material and planning out were we will head with our website for The Kitchen Gourmet.”
Peter & Diane Vande Walle
The Kitchen Gourmet
Green Bay, WI
“For years I was searching for an Internet marketing company that would assist me in building a site and marketing it properly. The site that you have designed has outperformed my existing sites by a significant factor. My click rate has increased by 30% and Internet sales by over 50%. I thank you, my employees thank you and my bottom line thanks you.”
Peter Carini

“Thanks again for bringing much needed focus to our website. The website audit is extremely useful in addressing design and functionality issues. The marketing pull component and traffic reports are terrific too.”
Katherine Ranson
HomeAid America

“Thank you very much for our website analysis, It was very informative, detailed, and inspirational. We are implementing all of your suggestions.”
Richard Rogg
Promises Malibu
“You and your organization have been instrumental in helping us “see” what the web is and what it isn’t, in designing how our company can maximize the tremendous potential marketing and transactional power of the web.”
Kyle Anderson
Baratza, LLC
“You thoroughly understand the needs of a professional speaker. You ability to create a professional ‘look’, write effective copy, keep the website focused and user friendly and at the same time provide our viewers with an opportunity to purchase our product and services while maintaining our professionalism was simply outstanding.”
James F Hennig
1996 President
National Speakers Association
“From idea to site development to marketing strategy, the results have been
Mak Hidde
“Ed, you always seem to distill the important and vital elements of SEO and web marketing in a well-prioritized, easy to follow and easy to implement way, and he's enjoyable to listen to while providing concentrated useful info.”
Bruce Rawles,
“Ed always provides great, useful information in a concise and understandable form. Of course always delivered in an enthusiastic, genuine and casual style. I have used a couple of your local Google SEO techniques and in two days ranked #1 in local Google for that search term. that’s fast.”
Don Matheson,
“Great webinar, lived up to expectations - fast paced and covered a lot of ground - entertaining, engaging speaker - not the same old boring webinar.”
Lisa Redburg,
“I have taken pages of notes and I’m about to start putting some stuff in to place immediately. Looking forward to seeing improved results. I like your style!”
Paul Morris,

“I feel you are the smartest most practical internet advisor I have had the pleasure to meet and work with. We always try to put your advice to work immediately as we know you are the acknowledged expert in this area.

Specifically we became number five on Google three days after I put your women’s festival advice about links and entries in place. Today we frequently show up as number one, we had sponsors find our site, sponsors like Cisco systems and Marriott’s.

Shall I say more? You gently coach you have easy to implement advice and you can coach a CEO and non technical people as well or better than you coach the web designer and the IT experts. Marie Profant who is an IT expert told me your recent seminar was one of the best and she is now going to launch one of her internet businesses at the 2008 there is more...

Let me know if you feel you would like more.

As you know we have counted on your advice over the years and we owe part of our success at ct engineering and pdq and the womens festivals to your wise and pragmatic easy to implement advice.”

Patty De Dominic
founder recently sold to billion dollar ++ select staffing.
Past president nat'l association of women business owners,
Former chair of the board foundation for score counselors to small business

“By using Ed Taylor our website consistently comes up on the first few pages of a web search. Your company helped us rework our site so we have the right “key words” throughout our site, therefore major search engines recognize us. When it is time to make changes to our existing site, your company makes the changes immediately. Your reports on search engine rankings keeps us informed as to how our site is doing.”
Peter Hubbard, CEO,
Pacific Title Archives.
“I started implementing your SEO advice several months ago. Every bit of advice that you offered I tested completely and I can proudly state that my web site receives more than 500 hits a day. Not bad for a small bed and breakfast. My ranking on the search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN and AOL have improved dramatically after I implemented many of your suggestions. It has been my privilege to recommend you to others.”
Fran Ambroselli
Ambroselli's Villa Serendip B&B
10849 State Route 371
Cohocton, NY 14826

“When I first found Ed Taylor, I had been trying to make my website
successful for nearly 4 years, and was working with a web designer
and a Shopping Cart group. I was trying to get the web designer to
do some programming work for me, and trying to force the Shopping
Cart owners to allow me to create some reports so I could see what
was going on with my website. I was learning the hard way one of
the three most important pieces of information that I soon heard Ed
Taylor state.

  1. You need to work with a team of professionals, each doing what they
    have been trained to do.
  2. You are the CEO and must make sure that there is sufficient coordination
    among these professionals so that your goals are met. You are in charge.
  3. You must experiment. You must test different strategies, web page
    designs, Google ads, procedures, and track the results, so you can
    discover and implement what works best for your business.

There were other smaller pieces of advice that have helped and that
are also worth mentioning;
The use of Google Analytics, which I now use daily. Lots of graphs and
tables to help the user with this fast-evolving tool. You can gain a
great deal of information about your shopper's experience on your website
from using this.
Heat map information showing exactly where the prospective customer
tends to look on the web pages and search engine results pages.
And finally, just what information needs to be above the fold on a
web page and where it needs to be positioned.

It is now 1 year since I first met Ed, and my website is now gaining
more and more customers. I have experimented with many strategies that
are now paying off beautifully. Some very trivial sounding ones are
the most powerful.

Sales have quadrupled in the last 10 months. And repeat customers have gone from
insignificance to about 20%. Both of these are growing. People are saying VERY nice
things to me.”

Elizabeth Richardson

“Dear Ed,
I just wanted to write you this letter to let know how happy I am with your service.
As you know I started with you about 3 months ago and my website could hardly be found on through the search engines.
Now, we have 297 listings on the first page of Google, MSN and Yahoo!!!
We are getting a lot more business now that you’ve got us visible.
I look forward to working with you further and taking advantage of the other services you have to offer. Thanks again.”
Best Regards,
Brian Coyle, D.C.
“Ed I wanted to let you know that you have tripled my business in less than 4 months. I am amazed! I know it's the clear and concise website, the compelling content, the clear "calls to action" and 207 first page Google rankings that have made all the difference. Thank you!
I also want to let you know how much I appreciate your pricing. As I small business I have to operate on a tight budget and your extremely fair pricing totally surpassed my expectations.
I could not be happier with your service, your pricing and mostly the results. I will gladly refer you to anyone and everyone I know who is interested in improving their website or their Internet marketing and please feel free to use my as a referral at any time should you need one.”
Ross Rambach
Pure Water Solutions

“Ed Taylor is a man with knowledge, but he is also a man with great integrity. I had the pleasure of being able to take Ed's survey about the IMG monthly services, and never in a million years did I think Ed would come up with a monthly service for as low as $27. (I say that as a testament to Ed's talent and knowledge.) I have been getting tips and such from Ed for awhile and had always hoped to take it a step further, but didn't have the financial ability to do so. When I got the email with the pricing options I signed up that day. Let me say this: the phone call that I had with Ed discussing ideas and possibilities alone was worth 10 times that monthly fee. I am greatly looking forward to getting the "goods" from Ed, as I know it will help me dramatically with my business.”

Butch Flarida

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